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Say No More

    Mary Higgins Clark Award Nominee!    

    Agatha Best Novel Award Nominee!    

    A Library Journal Best Thriller of 2016    

Her career is all about the truth—but now, keeping silent may be her last chance to stay alive.


"Downright superb! A rocket-paced thriller..."
   —Jeffery Deaver

"TOP PICK! Brilliant...an exceptional multi-faceted procedural."

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A Letter From Hank
I've been a TV reporter for forty years. I've wired myself with hidden cameras, chased down criminals, gone undercover and in disguise. In all those years, it's been "just the facts." And when I typed chapter one on my first book I wondered: would my imagination allow me to make stuff up?

And here's what I learned. Whether it's an investigative story or page-turning crime fiction, it's all about telling a good story. You need characters you care about and a high-stakes problem that must be solved. You want good guys to win, and the bad guys to get what's coming to them. And in the end you want to change the world. Right? That's why they call my books investigative thrillers! (And yes, you can read them in any order!)

I took a chance with SAY NO MORE—by tackling one of the most important topics facing us today and then asking: why are so many people terrified into silence? It all began when I witnessed a hit and run accident. Police asked me to identify the fleeing driver. I wondered: what if telling what happened puts my life in danger? The result is SAY NO MORE.

So glad to see you here!
With endless gratitude and affection
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