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Charleston Navy Yard Spray Park
Now that the summer is over the Boston Redevelopment Authority can finally fix a problem we brought to their attention: Why was water and money going down the drain?
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Excise Tax Bill Errors
If you own a car you're gonna get an excise tax bill—it's a pain to pay, but at least you expect it's correct. Not so fast! We found thousands of Massachusetts drivers were overcharged.
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Tree Ninja
A local community in fear and anger—as one of their own neighbors seems determined to destroy their property—and not even the police can stop him!
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Medford resident parking permits
When you see a sign that says resident parking—you know what that means, right? Parking for residents only. But Hank's discovered in one neighborhood—people are brazenly ignoring the signs—and getting away with it!
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Sex Offender Loophole
This couple does everything they can to keep their kids safe. They don't want to show their faces on TV but they want people to know what happened when they moved to this Yarmouth neighborhood.
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Man accused of claiming link to Michael Jackson appears in Natick Court
Andre Vann stood silent before a judge. The DA says Vann masqueraded as a Jackson family member. Vann sometimes hid behind his court appointed attorney. It's not the first time he's tried to dodge our camera.
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