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Air Time

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Air Time

Undercover. And under fire.

High-flying fraud and international intrigue! Star reporter Charlotte McNally investigates the glamorous and high-stakes world of high fashion—and uncovers a shocking big bucks scheme. Wired with hidden cameras and dressed to deceive, Charlie infiltrates the top-secret ateliers of haute couture, then cons her way behind closed doors into the suburban hot spots funneling millions to unscrupulous (and surprising!) conspirators.

With her news director pressuring her for the story—and her sexy new boyfriend pressuring her for attention—Charlotte is hot on the trail of deception, forgery and murder. As the bad guys begin to focus on her, she realizes nothing—and no one—is what it seems.

The danger intensifies until Charlie's faced with a life-changing decision. Is someone she loves and trusts hiding a secret past? At gunpoint and with lives, including her own, on the line—she must choose the real thing.

Investigative reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan brings her unique insight, authenticity, and trademark wit to this ripped-from-her-own-headlines thriller.

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Awards & Recognition

  • Nominated for a 2009 Agatha Award for best novel
  • Nominated for a 2009 Anthony Award for best novel


Top ten bestseller in 2009 (Mystery Lovers Bookshop)

"Hank Phillippi Ryan brings a sense of realism and behind-the-scenes look at electronic journalism, honed from her years as an award-winning television journalist. Ryan has won 26 Emmys and 10 Edward R. Murrow Awards for her journalism and an Agatha for her mystery series. Ryan keeps the energetic story tightly coiled, smoothly weaving in the serious plot points while also giving Air Time a light touch."
   —Oline Cogdill, Sun Sentinel

"Sassy, fast-paced, and appealing. This is first-class entertainment."
   —Sue Grafton

"...another winning thriller."
   —Mary Alice Gorman, Mystery Scene Magazine

"The most fun I've had reading in a long time. Hank Phillippi Ryan has given us one of the best heroines to emerge in a long while, and her stories zip along as fast as news bulletins. Air Time is a fun, fast read with a heroine who's sexy, stylish, and smart. I loved it."
   —Nancy Pickard

"Loved it! Smart, funny, fresh, intriguing and thoroughly entertaining—I highly recommend this series."
   —Suzanne Brockmann

"Air Time is a thrill ride from the first page to the last. This story will tickle your funnybone and touch your heart. Hank Phillippi Ryan is a fabulous new talent."
   —Susan Wiggs

"Excellent! Hank Phillippi Ryan knows how to create characters that come to life and capture your heart. Don't miss this engrossing story."
   —Brenda Novak

"Hank had me from the first line. In her latest addictive page-turner Air Time, real-life TV reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan once again thrills us with her terrific counterpart, investigative reporter Charlotte McNally. Air Time isn't only exciting and sexy and even funny—it's also damned well written."
   —David Morrell, Founding co-president International Thriller Writers

"Ripped straight from the newsroom! Hank Phillippi Ryan dishes up the inside scoop—the deadlines, the duplicity, and the danger. Air Time is authentic, full of intrigue, and great fun—truly a page-turner."
   —Kelly Lange, TV News Anchor-Reporter, Mystery Author

"Hank Phillippi Ryan's new mystery has murder, money, make-believe couture. These designer purses may be fake, but Air Time is the real thing."
   —Elaine Viets, author of Killer Cuts: A Dead-End Job mystery

"I didn't think it was possible, but Ms. Ryan's mysteries get better and better with each one she writes.
  The thing I most love about Ms. Ryan's books is that the mysteries are so unique. First, Charlie investigated an email fraud scheme. Then, she sought the release of an innocent woman from jail. Now, she is researching fraudulent designer items. Each story is one that has not been repeated over and over again. Ms. Ryan's books don't start in the typical mystery way with a person being murdered and then a busybody detective stumbles onto the case. Given Charlie's profession, each story is able to take on its own flow and sequence which allows each book to be fresh and intriguing.
  Charlie remains as feisty and stubborn as she has been in the previous books. I loved the scene where Charlie crashes the designer bag party. It was hilarious.
  Ms. Ryan doesn't spend time detailing the sex scenes which I find appropriate given Charlie's personality. She is not the person who is going to tell all her secrets to the whole world, but seeks to keep some things private. That is not to say there isn't romance in this book. There is romance aplenty! Charlie and Josh have their problems including the amount of time that Charlie spends on her job, but when they make up, the reader can feel the sparks.
  Even if you haven't read the previous books, Ms. Ryan does such a nice job of telling each story as its own entity new readers should not have any trouble picking up this series at any point."
RATING: Overall: 10, Sensuality: 7, Suspense Element: 10
   —Suspense Romance Writers: Official Review

"Air Time is fast-paced and seamlessly interlaced with one terrific plot line after the other. Murder, arson, betrayal, and life threatening danger are a few thrills Charlie faces, and then there is her relationship with Josh that is deteriorating daily. Hank Phillippi Ryan gives the reader another fantastic read featuring real, outstanding characters and an attention-grabbing, informative storyline. This is a super read and comes highly recommended."
   —Betty Cox for Reader To Reader

Mira, paperback, September 2009, ISBN: 978-0778327196